BLOG RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES THAT ARE GREAT FOR THE EARTH Posted on 22nd January 2017 Want to be green? With our rechargeable batteries we have available for purchase, we know you can save energy and money! We have a passion here at, we want to contribute to the planet and keep it as healthy as we can for future people who roam the earth. We practice being sustainable and have many products so you can be sustainable on your own too! If you are looking to invest in some batteries, let them be green! has many different sizes of Lithium ion rechargeable batteries and battery chargers so you can keep them charged and ready to use at any time. Many people look at the differences between NiCd vs NiMH vs Lithium batteries. We can tell you that Lithium ion rechargeable batteries are better to use for electronic devices and will last longer for those uses. As well as Lithium ion being better for electronic devices, the capacity is for their weight and size more than NiCd or NiMH batteries. Are you ready to make the jump to Green Batteries? . We invite you to explore all of our green batteries and accessory products today. Pick one out that you can use on a daily basis and save the earth one charge at a time!