We are delighted to announce Robotbits have partnered with Elecfreaks Tech, we have been appointed as a Distributor for their exciting range of Robotics and Electronics products, furthermore the Elecfreaks innovative and much praised "HoneyComb" range of Educational Electronics Kits are now available from us. The HoneyComb "Music" Kit is in production and soon to be followed by the "Camera" and "IOT" Kits, with many more in development.

Availability Update - We are now expecting a delivery in 4 to 6 weeks. 



HoneyCombs have 3 Colors and 3 Functions: Input , Logic , and Output bricks. Snap them together create what inventions you want. It's that simple. We offer three starter kits: Music, Camera and IoT. Each module is not self-limiting. All parts are interchangeable with every kit and every idea..

Elecfreaks Honeycomb Electronics Kit Overview
Elecfreaks Honeycomb Electronics Kit Schematic

Music Kit Contents

Elecfreaks Honeycomb Electronics Kit components
Elecfreaks Honeycomb Electronics Kit components

Music Kit - Change many things into an instrument. Turn a pumpkin into a drum or bananas into a piano.

The world is your symphony.

Elecfreaks Honeycomb Electronics Kit components


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